Larry Daley is a man just looking for a normal job. When he's assigned a job at the Natural History Museum in

New York, little does he know that will change his life forever.

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Name: Larry Daley

Occupation: Looking for a job

Family: Ex-Wife Erica, Son Nicholas Daley

Friends: makes some at the museum, Rebecca the lady at the front of the museum

Summary: Larry is just looking for a job that "pays his bills". He is very easy at procrastinating and makes up lost of excuses that sometimes leads to very BIG problems later on. The Museum of Natural History changes his life forever. Larry tries to make up for his mistakes, and very often, wins the battle.

Portrayed by: Ben Stiller, the commedian of Movies, TV, Shows, etc

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Larry plays a big role in the second Night at the Museum movie too! He leaves his old pose as Night Guard, and onto bigger and better money! When he hears that his friends are being moved, he's VERY upset. Then, he learns from Jedediah, that every exhibit is in danger of a menance named Kahmunrah, is putting everyone of their lives in danger. He soon goes to the Smithsonian in Washington DC, and tries to resue his friends. He is soon caught in the middle of a big battle and soon meets many other characters. Soon, just when it seems that Larry won't win, all his friends come and help him. An epic adventure Larry's prepared for!