Nicholas Daley "Nicky", is Larry's son. he plays a major role in Night at the Museum, but a monor role in N ight at the Museum Battle of the Smithsonian. He's known to give Larry a little help during his job. Even though he and Larry fight, and he doesn't believe EVERY word Larry says, he still has a very special bond with Larry.

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Name: Nicholas Daley, known as Nicky

Family: Mom Erica, Stepfather Don, Dad Larry

Occupation: Elementary School

Summary: Nicholas is very supersticious of Larry, but still loves him. He's very good at giving information to Larry

Portrayed by: Jake Cherry, age 12, child actor

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Nicholas plays a minor role in Night at the Museum Battle of the Smithsonian. He believes Larry now that he's seen the Museum of Natural History, and it's magic. He's last seen giving Larry directions to all the exhibits that are in trouble.