Teddy Rosevelt is a Museum Exhibit in the Museum of Natural History in NYC. He is a good friend of Larry and a lover of

Sacagawea. He enjoys Hunting, Sacagawea, and Physical Exercise.

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Name: Theodore Rosevelt

Family: Doesn't say

Friends: Larry, Exhibits, Sacagawea, etc

Occupation: Exhibit, Rough Rider, President, etc

Summary: Teddy loves to give advice. Also, he enjoys teasing Larry in a fun way. He plays major roles in both Night at the Museum movies as Larry's friend.

Portrayed by: Robin Williams, the entertainer, commedian, etc

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Teddy plays a minor role in Night at the Museum Battle of the Smithsonian. He is known to give Larry the information he needs. He tells Larry that Ahkmunrah's Tablet would be staying with the Natural History exhibits, and not with the other exhibits to the Smithsonian.